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School Swimming Team Make a Splash
Published on Monday, 7 May 2012, 10:33 a.m.   Print Article

On Thursday 3rd May 25 swimmers from Te Huruhi School and 4 swimmers from Waiheke Primary School went together to the Inter Swimming Event at Westwave Aquatic Centre in Henderson. We went with Mrs B and many fantastic parents and supporters to the event and we  enjoyed travelling over together. Cara and Vicky from Swim Waiheke have helped us with our training programme and they came too. We have had lots of fun training on Thursday lunchtimes at school  with Mrs B and at  Swim Waiheke’s pool out of school time. We practised our swimming skills and stroke technique in lessons through the week last term with our teachers and our lovely instructors Cathy and Alisha from Swim Waiheke. We enjoyed competing in our swimming galas too. Thank you to Cathy, Alisha, Cara and Vicky from Swim Waiheke so much for your support and expertise. You are wonderful swimming coaches.

In each event there were at least 4 heats and there were 8 people per heat. The heats were all timed and the fastest 8 children went through to the finals. It was a very competitive gala!  We were very proud of Briar Hadfield (Waiheke Primary)who received a certificate for achieving third place in the 9 year old girls Back Stroke. Mac Rogers(Waiheke Primary) was also extremely proud of his certificate for achieving 3rd place in the 9 year old boys Free Style. Many children achieved very proud results in their heats. Well done to Teia Kahura (WP), Baylee leoni(TH), Loyal Deighton(TH) and Sophie Ardern(TH) for getting through to the finals in their events too. We competed in the 25m and 50m Freestyle, 25m Breast stroke, 25m Backstroke. Loyal Deighton(TH), Marli Atu(TH) and Finn Ziemke (TH) competed in the Open Boys Medley where they had to swim four lengths, each one a different stroke. Jordan Moy, Sheamus McNally, Porscha Colman and Bailey Leoni were our talented Te Huruhi School relay team. They swam really well and came third in their heat. Vicky took many fabulous photos for us.

The children should be really proud of their team spirit, courage and determination. They were competing against squad swimmers who train several times a week in a heated indoor pool with excellent facilities. How can we enable our swimmers to have that year round swimming on our island? If we cannot finance a new indoor pool for the community, how can we be creative and develop and improve what we already have? Thanks to everyone who has helped our Te Huruhi pool have solar heating now. This enabled us to swim right the way through the first term.

Thank you so much to all the fantastic parents who came with us. You are hugely appreciated and valued.

Well done to all the swimmers from Te Huruhi and Waiheke Schools. Be really proud of yourselves. Waiheke Island Primary School swimmers seriously rock!

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